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Nordic International Studies Association

About the Journal

Cooperation and Conflict

Cooperation and Conflict, the premier refereed journal in this field, is published under the auspices of NISA.

Published four times a year in March, June, September and December by SAGE.

The Journal's editors are Annika Björkdahl and Martin Hall, who welcome high quality submissions on any aspect of international relations theory. In terms of empirical concentration area, the journal focuses on Europe.


Submitting your Paper

Please send submissions to the Editors via the journal’s SAGE Track site
For inquiries, please contact

In order to retain the Nordic stature of the journal, we try to ensure that there is at least one referee from the Nordic countries assigned to each paper.

Further information

Details on subscriptions for non-members, as well as further information on submitting to Cooperation and Conflict, is available on the journal's website: